The Art of Dave Correia

“TAKER OF SANITY” 16×20 Limited Edition Print


16″ x 20″
Limited Edition of 100
Archival Inks on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Signed and Numbered by Dave Correia

Originally drawing with charcoal, for a group show at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia.

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Product Description

I lost my mind while I drew this. The first day of drawing was normal, I started this piece like any other drawing. But as I got further into it, the glare of Cthulhu shattered holes into my mind. I no longer felt like I was in control of the piece. My hand was being guided and manipulated against my will. A few times I tried to hide the piece, or even throw it away, but I heard it screaming to me. The only way to silence the loud shrieks in my head was to continue working on this drawing. Finally, I finished it, but I know I lost a huge part of myself in the process.

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Archival Inks on Cold Press Paper


16″ W x 20″ H


In a tube via USPS Priority Mail