The Art of Dave Correia

“They’re Around Us” 9×12 print


9″ x 12″ print
Archival Inks on Cold Press Paper
Signed by Dave Correia

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Product Description

I’ve always been interested in what we can’t detect. As humans, we are limited to our senses and current technology to inform us of what is around us. I’m certain there must be more around us than what we can perceive. Maybe there are other large creatures that move around us and we don’t even know it? Maybe they move around in a different dimension that we can’t detect. Maybe the reason I draw the things I do, is because they are describing their features to me subconsciously!
I hope so.

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Archival Inks on Cold Press Paper


9″ W x 12″ H


Flat in a envelope, via USPS First Class.