"It Isn't Luke!" - Sculpt on Toy

  • $80.00

My brother and I have been going through all of our old childhood toys and trying to figure out what to do with everything. We’ve kept a few of our favorites, and sold a bunch of the other ones on eBay. An artist friend suggested that I sculpt on a few and offer them up on my site. I thought it was a great idea and found these Hoth Luke’s that were the perfect candidates for THING hands!

I wrapped Luke's hands with wire and used Magic Sculpt for the alien hands. I painted the hands with acrylics and sealed them with Crystal Clear for the gloss look.

The sculpts come with the stands.
I signed my initials on the back of the figure :)

Please note - I sculpted on 3 different figures, so the one you see in this photo, many be different than the one you get - but they all look equally cool!