Rotten to the Core - Toxic Green

  • $275.00

What can I say; I love the spooky season!

Here's a candy apple with a rotten core! 
I originally sculpted the piece with Monster Clay and did a few practice castings to get the edges smooth. Each piece is cast in resin and hand painted with acrylic paint. I added a high-gloss glitter finish to the candy part of the apple and a super high gloss to the single evil eye. 

You can see the Monster Clay sculpt in the photos - it's all lumpy and whatnot. The blank pink piece is the cast resin before I painted it - I poured some epoxy over it to get that pooled up candy look, then recast it!

The wooden stick will be detached when the piece is mailed, but there is a pre-drilled hole in the top of the apple to set it in. I was going to glue the wooden stick in place, but had nightmares of it breaking off during shipping then you're stuck with a broken stick that you can't get out. Just a little bit of simple glue will hold the stick in place - you can even use an Elmer's glue. 

  • Hand painted cast resin
  • 3.5" x 4" x 3" (not including 3.5" stick)
  • High gloss finish on dipped candy and eye
  • Matte finish on skull
  • Stick will be detached when delivered
  • Signed by myself on the bottom!