Raspy - Triclops Magnet

  • $40.00

One of my first magnet designs. The Triclops is a magical beast who's center eye can see the paths of multiple lives on other dimensions. This relic is best hung close to an entryway to gauge the validity of guests as their sub-dimensional travel lends truths to their current state of mind.

This cast resin piece is hand painted by myself with oil paints. I gave it a light coat of color shifting varnish, if you take it outside on a sunny day and wiggle it around, it looks pretty neat. It’s also fitted with a strong magnet on the back, and sealed with a clear satin varnish.

Please note that since these are all hand painted, the colors will vary. 

  • Cast resin with a magnet set in back
  • Hand painted with oil paints
  • 3.75″ x 3″ x 1″
  • Signed by myself!