Maggot Rider - Blue

  • $350.00

This is the Maggot Rider! 

Designed by Alex Pardee
Sculpted and painted by Dave Correia
Molded and Cast by Greg Aranowitz and Dave Correia

This piece was a tremendous undertaking for me!

I wanted to really test my sculpting ability, so I reached out to Alex Pardee and asked if he had a weird drawing with lots of cool detail for me to sculpt. He send me the Maggot Rider (see print), and I got to it!

All the wrinkles and folds were tough for me, but I really like how they came out! When I was finished with the sculpture, I had no idea how to mold or cast it. All the molds I had made before were pretty simple. This piece had lots of pockets and pieces that made no sense to me from a mold making perspective. 

I reached out to master sculptor and creator, Greg Aronowitz for some help. Greg helped make a mold and showed me some neat tricks for the casting process. 

The painting process was really fun! I used acrylics for the entire body and a high gloss for the eyes to make them wet and shiny. 

  • Cast resin 
  • Hand painted with acrylic paints
  • 6″ tall
  • 5"x7" print signed by Alex Pardee
  • Sculpt is signed by myself!